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Unique Sizing Guide for a Perfect Fit

SKINS don't believe in ’one size fits all’. We take sizing seriously so athletes get the benefits of precise compression and comfort. Each product has a specific size chart, so make sure you check it before buying.


The SKINS A200 and C200 Cycling ranges use a unique BMI sizing algorithm, which takes into account your height and weight to determine the correct garment size.


The SKINS A400 and RY400 garments take into account that not all individuals of the same height and weight have the same body shape. SKINS performed a 3D full-body scan of hundreds of athletes, amateur and professional, of all shapes and sizes. From 800,000 measurements taken of each athlete, we established 400 key fitting points, which form the basis of all 400 Series garments.


An example 400 Series size chart

A400 – men’s long tights & RY400 – men’s long tights

Example 400 Series size chart


Example A200 size chart

A200 – men’s compression long tights, half tights and shorts.

A200 tights size chart